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Aug 14, 2022

Scripture Reading: John 21:1-14

This post-resurrection story is found only in the gospel of John.  It is a tender reminder of the power, compassion, and provision of Christ.  Still coming to grips with the reality and implications of Christ's resurrection, these seven disciples return to fishing.  This was probably not evidence that these men were abandoning their ministry of the gospel, but rather that, until further definition of their ministry, they did what was both familiar and sustaining.

Reminiscent of an earlier event (cf. Lk 5:1-11), these men caught nothing after fishing all night.  Like the earlier occasion, Jesus commanded that they let down the net one more time.  And, like the earlier occasion, they hauled in a large catch.

At length, John recognized that the figure on the shore, giving directions, was Jesus.  He declares it and Peter jumps into the water, presumably to move toward Christ as quickly as he could.  On the shore, Jesus had prepared breakfast for these men … fish and bread.

The account seems to be a reminder to these disciples … and us … of the power and compassion and provision of Christ for His own.  He displayed these comforting qualities in what He said and did that morning at Galilee.  Let us be strengthened that Jesus not only cares about all our needs, He is actively working to meet them with His divine wisdom and might.