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Apr 28, 2019

Originally Presented: February 11, 2007

Scripture Reading: Romans 5:1,2

Having elaborated on the doctrine of justification by faith alone, in Romans 4, Paul now draws out some of the implications of this wondrous truth.  Every major translation of Romans 5:1 begins with the word 'therefore'.  Because we have been...

Apr 28, 2019

Scripture Reading: Colossians 3:18-24

From the beginning of time, the union of a man and a woman in marriage was designed to picture something infinitely glorious.  When the Scriptures say, "Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife and they shall become one flesh" there...

Apr 21, 2019

Originally Presented: February 4, 2007

Scripture Reading: Romans 4:23-25

Like a good preacher Paul directly applies, to his readers, the truths he has been unfolding in Romans 4.  The statement Paul has been quoting from Genesis 15:6, that God had reckoned righteousness to Abraham, is now brought gloriously into the...

Apr 21, 2019


Scripture Reading: Luke 24:13-35

Different people are thrilled by different experiences.  For the student, it is a high grade point average and excellent test scores.  For the athlete, it is the competition and a championship victory.  For a mother, it is her baby's smile.  For the farmer, it is the summer rain and...

Apr 14, 2019

Originally presented on January 28th, 2007

Scripture Reading: Romans 4:18-25

In the section of Romans which begins with Romans 3:21, Paul unfolds the wondrous doctrine of justification by faith.  He spends time, patiently, answering objections to the idea that a man can stand in the judgment of God on the basis of faith...