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Sep 27, 2020

Scripture Reading: John 2:12-22

This passage is John's account of Jesus cleansing the temple.  John has the story at the beginning of Jesus' ministry.  Matthew, Mark, and Luke all have accounts of Jesus clearing the temple too, but in those gospels it occurs just prior to Jesus' death, at the end of His ministry.  The...

Sep 20, 2020

Scripture Reading: John 2:1-11

Turning water into wine is one of Jesus' best-known miracles.  Found only in the gospel of John, Jesus performed this miracle as the inaugural display of power in His public ministry (Jn 2:11).  Having said that, it was not a fully-public miracle because only a few people actually knew...

Sep 13, 2020

Scripture Reading: John 1:35-51

God the Son is the obvious center of John 1.  We see this by the repeated reference to Him, using different titles.  He is the Word (Jn 1:1), God (1:1), Light (1:9), Jesus Christ (1:17), Lamb of God (1:29), Rabbi (1:38), Messiah (1:41), Son of God (1:49), King of Israel (1:49), Son of Man...

Sep 6, 2020

Originally Presented: March 8th, 2009

Scripture Reading: Romans 16:1-16

Shakespeare wrote: "Those friends thou hast, and their adoption tried, grapple them to thy soul with hoops of steel."  Solomon wrote: "Faithful are the wounds of a friend" (Prov 27:6) and "As iron sharpens iron, so one men sharpens another" (Prov...

Sep 6, 2020

Scripture Reading: John 1:29-34

This passage is the second extended paragraph containing John the Baptist's declarations about Jesus.  It is clear from the statements in this section of John 1 that the Baptist had one thing on his mind … the exaltation of the person of Christ.  John makes two remarkable and awesome...