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May 2, 2021

Scripture Reading John 6:52-65

The declarations of Jesus in this section of John could not be more indescribable in their glory. But in the ears of Christ's listeners His assertions were utterly incomprehensible. As clear as Jesus was, and repeatedly so, the Jews in the Capernaum synagogue had no idea what He was talking about. And most people today are adrift in the same spiritual darkness.

In this long chapter, the greater the resistance of Jesus' hearers, the more pointed His statements become. Jesus had repeatedly referred to Himself as the 'bread of life' or the 'true bread from heaven.' Now, at five times, He says that people must "eat the flesh of the Son of Man" or else they "have no life" (Jn 6:53).

Jesus is offering to these Israelites eternal life (Jn 6:40,47,50,51,54,58) and resurrection from the dead (Jn 6:39,40,44,54). Jesus holds out to them unspeakable glories and they respond by wrangling over the details of His wording (Jn 6:42,52,60).

Their focus on earthly things and ceremonies robbed them of understanding that an intimate union with Jesus through trusting Him is necessary for eternal life. This required a renunciation of self and this they were unwilling to do. They sacrificed eternal life in favor of pomp and position and pride. Blessed are those who feed on the flesh of Christ (trusting in Him) and, by this union, live forever.