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Dec 19, 2021

Scripture Reading: Colossians 1:15-20

It is highly significant that, from the time of Christ, the Holy Spirit inspired passages like today's passage.  This section reveals, in glorious description, the nature of the Son of God.  For two thousand years there have been multiplied false ideas about who Jesus is.


Dec 12, 2021

Scripture Reading: Luke 2:25-35

We all know that Christmas means more than eggnog and emotion, cards and commercials. But it is so easy, in the lunacy we call December, to lose sight of the Son of God. Usually the star in the Eastern sky is dimmed by the flashing of department store lights.

How refreshing it is to...

Dec 5, 2021

Scripture Reading: Galatians 4:4-7, Titus 2:11-14

A few people recognized Jesus as the promised Messiah when He was born.  One of them was Anna, whom Luke said, "did not depart from the temple, worshiping with fasting and prayer night and day" (Lk 2:37).  Upon seeing the blessed baby, Anna began to speak "to all who...

Nov 28, 2021

Scripture Reading: Romans 3:23

As we begin to approach the Christmas season, it is important to understand the need the human race has for a Savior.  The birth of Christ means little to us, personally, unless we grasp the deep and urgent need we have for what Jesus was born to do.  Understanding Romans 3:23 drives us to...