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Jan 12, 2020

Originally Presented: March 9th, 2008 

Scripture Reading: Romans 10:1-10

In Romans 10, Paul continues his discussion of the people of Israel, lamenting their state of spiritual blindness and self righteousness.  Even though the apostle has stated that a man's salvation is solely based on "Him who calls" (Rom 9:11) and on "God who has mercy" (Rom 9:16), nevertheless he prays for the salvation of his countrymen (Rom 10:1).


            The problem of the Jews is the same problem many people today have.  The Jews had a religious zeal, but their passion was "not in accordance with knowledge" (Rom 10:2).  Instead of hoping in God for justification through faith, the Jews attempted to establish their own righteousness through their deeds. But given the sinful heart of every man, a personal righteousness is something which is humanly impossible.

Righteousness is a matter, not of individual obedience, but of faith in the righteousness of another.  And this righteousness of God (Rom 10:3) or righteousness based on faith (Rom 10:8) is not distant and external (Rom 10:6-8).  This righteousness is Christ (Rom 10:4), which anyone who believes in Him may have.  Jesus is the goal of the Old Testament law, which pointed to Him and which is fulfilled in Him.

To be acceptable with God a man must have an alien righteousness given to him . . . the righteousness of another, namely Jesus.  This was the truth the Jews stumbled over and most people of the world have continued to follow in their footsteps.